Final Meeting “More than Neighbours!” in Chemnitz

Altes_Rathaus_ChemnitzThe Senior University of A Coruña (Spain) has been involved in the Grundtvig Learning Partnership “More than Neighbours!” from 2011, with partners in Italy, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.

An Spanish delegation of learners and staff from the Senior University will participate in the Final International Meeting of the MTN Project in Chemnitz next week.

Our partners from the Chemnitz University of Technology have managed a very interesting Agenda from 5th to 8th of May, including the exhibition of essays made by learners of the partners institutions.

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1 Response to Final Meeting “More than Neighbours!” in Chemnitz

  1. Back at home with very good memories, not only about the interesting days spent in Berlin and Chemnitz but the fantastic experience of sharing these days with the nice group of spanish mates and leaders.
    Thank you very much to everybody!

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