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The University of A Coruña is a public university, founded on July 20th, 1989. Formerly it was part of University of Santiago de Compostela, founded in 1495. Its university departments are divided between two primary campuses in A Coruña and nearby Ferrol.

The Senior University of the University of A Coruña is a degree for over 50s that are unemployed and demand an updated education according to their cultural interests. The Senior University degree consists of four courses, lasting 8 months each course (from October to June), with a total of 36 credits (360 teaching hours), 9 credits per year. The students have 3 or 4 lessons per week. After the four years, the students will qualify for: Título de Graduado Senior pola Universidade da Coruña [Senior University Degree]. This title doesn´t give a professional qualification.
Each student has to study two compulsory subjects per year plus one that they can choose. The subjects belong to the following areas: Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology and Health Sciences. Examples of the subjects are: Sociology, Computing, Psychology, Health Education, Legal issues in every-day life, English,… There are also workshops that the students can join if they want to (e.g. Music, European projects, Cinema…).
Since 2003, Senior University of A Coruña is involved in Learning Partnership with institutions of adult education from Germany, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Poland, Cesch Republic, United Kingdom, …

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